Why am I walking across Ukraine to the front?

It is a march in solidarity with a country that is defending its freedom.

At the beginning of the war, there was no shortage of humanitarian aid. People sent generously not only financial but also material aid. But the longer the war lasts, the less aid is received. Some people are tired, some are running out of funds, some feel that the aid will not reach where it is supposed to anyway. There are those who have simply given up. I believe there are still many people who want to help. They just don’t know where to turn or don’t believe that things will get to the right places. But help is still needed! There are millions of people in Ukraine without electricity and running water. Civilians are suffering and soldiers must prepare for a harsh winter. Now the Russians are threatening to attack again from Belarusian territory. The Ukrainians are retaking their territories, but the war is fierce and cruel. Supplies are running out, but so are financial resources. Life is also hard for refugees, who are finding it difficult to find work in the safer places of Ukraine. But nowhere is 100% safe yet.

What is my goal?

I want to draw attention to the fact that aid is needed more the longer the war lasts. My plan is to collect at least 1,- CZK for every step I take on the way to the front. Since it is a distance of 1275 km, that works out to approximately one and a half million steps. I will start symbolically in the Czech district of Khust and reach the Donbas, where the war is raging with the most devastating force.
I would like to raise CZK 1 500 000, which will be used to buy one minibus for the evacuation of civilians, to buy drones, food, used SUVs for the soldiers, thermal underwear, medicines and other essential supplies for the soldiers and civilians. The more money raised, the more I can buy and get to where it is needed. Along the way, I will also organize the collection of material aid.